A Simple Philosophy... Win Win Win

Our approach at LaptopsAnytime is to give a wide range of facilities automated checkout and dispensing systems to reduce cost and increase efficiency and in the process, to provide end users greater access to technological tools that can help them to work, surf and stay connected 24/7.

In the process, we strive to support facility needs over the long run by first recognizing that the single biggest obstacle to overcoming the status quo is often the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of tech devices, not the initial cost of the devices themselves. And second, third and fourth, our unique kiosk automation solutions are secure, scalable and sustainable over the long-run.

On average, each checkout and dispensing kiosk automates the duties of at least one staff member who single-mindedly manages a computer checkout program thereby earning back its cost in most cases in less than a calendar year.

Conservatively, each device can be checked out 500-1000 times per year in an entirely self-service manner. And automated kiosks can be placed in remote locations -- near or far -- for true “unattended” distribution.

Check out our Video page as we build upon a philosophy of “win-win-win” and continue to adapt our solutions to suit your long-term needs.

And please do not hesitate to call us at 877-VEND-PC’S (836-3727) or reach out to us as you evaluate the use of automation in your facilities.