Layered Security: Faronics

Organizations are consistently reporting IT security threats as a top priority. We offer a superior solution to help you secure your organization IT infrastructure while still operating efficiently with a unique layered security approach. This approach makes it possible for you to manage and secure any IT environment facing complex malware threats using three unbeatable strategies.

Faronics Deep Freeze * Faronics Anti-Executable * Faronics Anti-Virus


Layered Security Approach for Any Computing Infrastructure


Eliminate the potential headaches and high costs of repairing a compromised IT system. The Absolute Security bundle (i.e. purchase of Anti-Virus, Anti-Executable and Deep Freeze) targets every layer of potential threats, providing complete protection and the peace of mind needed to conduct your daily business. Best of all, if you already know about the benefits of Deep Freeze, you will enjoy how well the other two layers work seamlessly with Deep Freeze, together giving the highest level of protection against accidental or malicious damage and restoring workstation configurations with every reboot.

Preferred Partner

Faronics Deep Freeze

to prevent against unwanted workstation configuration changes.

Faronics Anti-Executable

to cover zero-day, unknown and targeted attacks

Faronics Anti-Virus

for resource-efficient endpoint malware protection


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