4 Simple Steps
  • 1. Tap Screen
  • 2. Agree to Terms
  • 3. Swipe Card
  • 4. Grab and Go

1. Tap Screen

Tap Touch Screen to begin checkout process

2. Agree To Terms

Agree to Terms defined by local facility related to checkout duration and note penalties for not returning device on time.

3. Swipe/Scan Card

Swipe/Scan Student/Worker/Library ID card or badge via reader defined by local facility. Computer access is granted per acceptance of formal user agreement and card authorization. Note: credit card option is also available.

4. Grab and Go

Grab and go. Access laptop by sliding it out of Smart Bay. Mobile device, i.e. laptop/tablet comes equipped with common software suite and is now yours to Work, Surf and Stay Connected 24x7. Use device freely. When ready or required, return laptop by sliding it back into Smart Bay.