How It Works
  • LaptopsAnytime's innovative Lending/Vending System helps provide "controlled" but "untethered" wireless laptop/tablet access for shortterm (5+ minutes to 5+ hours) use in public (or private) spaces while security is ensured via swipe card and/or bar code, rfid authorization and remote monitoring tools.

  • The solution is a smart plug-n-play solution that is scalable, sustainable and secure for range of “mobile computer” scenarios – straight “free” checkout, nominal charge via credit/debit card or set to capture late fees. Since all models are mix-n-match, a facility can choose between laptop, tablet or combo frames to best meet their computing infrastructure needs.

Firewall Protection

  • Software communication architecture provides constant communication between a kiosk terminal and a server, even from behind firewalls. A terminal will establish a connection to the server at certain intervals and compare its data with the data stored on the server. While doing so, the terminal informs the server about its current status and receives new jobs from the server.

Secure Connection

  • The secure communication between client and server is established via an encrypted protocol similar to HTTP (TCP/port:8086). Communication is encrypted by a combination of RSA and AES (Rijndael) used for key exchange and symmetrical encryption, respectively. In addition, Signature are used to verify the identity of client machine and server.

Remote Access & Monitoring

  • The remote web portal allows you to manage your terminals remotely. Use Microsoft Internet Explorer or other web browser on any PC workstation to monitor the status of your testimonials, create reports on usage and turnover, view log files, exchange data between local computers and clients, make configuration changes, update smartcard data, etc.