About LaptopsAnytime

Based in North Texas, LaptopsAnytime won the Dell Mobility Challenge sponsored by Dell and Intel (in 2011) and was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2015 Modern Library Awards by LibraryWorks

The Company was co-founded by Matthew Buscher and Jonathan Ruttenberg in 2008 with the vision of giving back to the community via convenient on-demand access to full-function laptop computers (which has now been extended to tablets as well). Piggybacking on already present Broadband, we dispense devices per ATM-style technology plus employ security protocols (ID card and/or badge / phone home software) and custom software integration with ILS, Student and Other Database Systems to minimize liabilities and to make things as easy as possible for facility administrators to do their jobs right.

Our service is designed to give you access to the right technology at the right time. Think of our Self-Checkout Laptop/Tablet/Combo Dispensing Stations as your "mobile device away from your home computer."

Before now, technology too often forced many of us into a set, ‘ball-and-chain’ computing routine that we too often could not avoid, particularly in public spaces. On-demand access to full-size un-tethered laptops/tablets, set for free-operation in most cases, is not only as do-able as a soda or snack machine but acts as a superior amenity for the on-the-go generation that demands tech access

Dragging around a personal laptop/netbook seems so 20th Century. Many devices, such as smart phones, excite us with greater access to email and to the internet but try as they might, screen and keyboard size is a drawback that detracts from their utility. Desktops and traditional internet kiosks can help but their lack of mobility is a concern that only mobile laptops/tablets help overcome.


Matthew Buscher


A mechanical engineer by training, Matthew Buscher is co-founder of LaptopsAnytime, and brings to the Company his proven entrepreneurial

ventures with previous companies. In 2002, Mr. Buscher successfully overlooked the startup of the Powerport. This product offered a variety of technological connection solutions for the traveling user providing laptop rentals, Internet connected walk up computer stations, cell phone and laptop battery charging stations and more.

Mr. Buscher was involved in leading the company as it expanded to several prominent airport locations, utilizing his high level operational management skills and technology development background. Matt credits his attention to customer service to his early years in restaurant management where he was responsible for operations and for satisfying customers.

Matt can be contacted at matt@laptopsanytime.com


Jonathan Ruttenberg

VP, Marketing & Operations

Co-Founder, LaptopsAnytime. After receiving his MBA from the University of Maryland in Marketing/Finance, Mr. Ruttenberg held a series of operations

positions with American Locker Group Inc. from 2001-07, most recently as VP Marketing where he was involved in product launches and marketing and sales efforts with security lockers, mailboxes and electronic distribution systems to markets as diverse as K-12, Higher Education, Government, Retail, Recreation, Fitness and Hospitality.

His forte is in manufacturing of physical products, brand building, product marketing and establishing effective partnerships..

Jonathan can be contacted at jonathan@laptopsanytime.com


LaptopsAnytime is “shaking up” the Public Access Computing Market by taking self-service laptop/tablet lending, loans, checkout and borrowing to the next level. No longer do facilities have to settle for incomplete solutions (desktops, mobile carts, lockers and manual programs). Note: All station designs and software platform are proprietary.